Instagram Is ‘ON’​ to Rip Apart Tik-Tok

Instagram Is ‘ON’​ to Rip Apart Tik-Tok

Tik tok has become a worldwide phenomenon across the globe and a lot of people who haven’t experienced it are still underestimating it, in terms of treating it as a platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Instagram has created the ability to share your content across the globe, while tik-tok has enabled humans to be creators with audio and video. Though initially tik-tok(previously did not really seem like a threat and was treated just like one more app like dubsmash, it grew rapidly where it started slowly threatening Instagram to grab its users.

Tik -Tok has already been a huge success in grabbing users that even facebook, Instagram, Twitter or none of the platforms couldn’t pull in because of the create feature it has embedded in.

Observing the patterns, Instagram has embedded its feature in its stories to add music a couple of days back in India.

Instagram has done the same with stories features from Snapchat a few years back and it is repeating the same patterns to poach tik-tok.

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