Why Most of My 100+ Videos on YouTube Went for Waste

Why Most of My 100+ Videos on YouTube Went for Waste

100+ videos later…doing more than 45 interviews, there were a lot of things I had to ponder upon in what way I could add more value to people who have been following our content that we were producing which was primarily focused on business, management, and technology.

I was trying to analyze why were not many people showing interest to see the content. I picked up content from several people who are on top of the game in terms of content production, distribution and have high viewers and attention. This led me to understand where am I going wrong in the first place…QUESTIONS!

Yes! the context of what am I asking whom is the primary aspect I had to address in the process.

As per my experience, when we are getting into an interview with someone…there are two types of expectations, depending upon who the person is.

  1. If the person is a very famous celebrity, the usual expectation is to listen to their experiences for escapism and entertainment as the primary agenda in mind.
  2. On the other hand, if the person is a success in their niche who have gone through a lot of challenges and when we can learn from the challenges he has gone through in detail.

When I reflected it back to the actions I was taking, I could see that I was asking a wrong set of questions to the people coming on to the interviews.

When I could relate the interview series with Tim Ferriss Show, who usually gets into the nitty-gritty of people’s lives to understand their principles and how they tackle high-pressure scenarios in their respective fields. That was the eureka moment. If I could start asking the right questions and add value to people, that’s where I felt, I will be able to do justice to the viewers and add value to their content consumption.

As a part of the process, I started filtering onto first of all who will be able to add value to the viewers and have enough experiences to talk about and reboot the entire series of interviews into more a show where people can take bytes of information that they can start using in their daily life.

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