An integrated & holistic digital strategy has been the foundation of Real Tycoon’s all the key online marketing activities. We recommend a smart insight driven digital marketing planning framework. This integrates all the essential multi channel marketing activities covering all parts of the customer life cycle broken down in these sections:

  • Plan
    Use a data-driven approach to review your current digital marketing effectiveness, customize analytics, set up KPI dashboards and SMART objectives create a strategy of prioritized improvements to how you deploy digital marketing media, technology and data to increase leads and sales
  • Reach
    Build awareness using the 6 key online marketing techniques which will drive visits to your site.
  • Act
    Encourage interactions on your website or social media to help you generate leads for future
  • Convert
    Use re targeting, nurturing and conversion rate optimization to remind and persuade your audience to buy online or offline if phone and face-to-face channels if these are important to you.
  • Engage
    Increase sales from existing customers by improving personalized communications using web, email and social media marketing


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